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Animal Research I: Historical Aspects,

in Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 4th ed. (Gale Cengage, 2013)

George Cheyne

in Dictionary of Medical Biography, ed. William Bynum and Helen Bynum (Greenwood Press, 2006)

David Gregory (1659-1708)
Patrick Blair (?1680-1728)
James Keill (1673-1719)
James Sutherland (?1638-1719)
George Preston (?1665-1749)
Charles Preston (1660-1711)
Thomas Pellett (?1671-1744)
George Cheyne (?1671-1743)
Archibald Pitcairne (1652-1713)
Edward Tyson (1651-1708)
Alexander Monro I (1697-1767)
Alexander Stuart (1673-1742)
William Cockburn (1669-1739)
John Freind (1675-1728)
William Cole (1635-1716)
Frank Nicholls (1699-1778)
Richard Mead (1673-1754)
Lady Elizabeth Hastings (1682-1739)
James Douglas, 13th Earl of Morton (1702-1768)

in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography,
ed. Colin Matthew and Brian Harrison (Oxford,2004 and online)

Animal Care and Experimentation

in Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science, ed. John Heilbron et al. (Oxford, 2003)


in Europe 1450-1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, ed. Jonathan Dewald (Scribner’s, 2003)

John Banister,?1650-1692
John Bartram, 1699-1777
William Bartram, 1739-1823

in Biographical Dictionary of American and Canadian Naturalists and Environmentalists, ed. K.B. Sterling, Richard P. Harmond, George A. Cevasco, and Lorne F. Hammond, (Greenwood, 1997)