Recent and Upcoming Lectures / Talks

William Hunter’s Collecting Networks                                                                                 Plenary, Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society annual meeting, Glasgow, July 2018

Giants, Fossils, and National Identity in Early Modern France                                         Furniss Lecture, Colorado State University, April 2018

Joseph Banks and the Skull Trade                                                                                       American Historical Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, January 2018

Imagining Skin: Giant Bones and Giants’ Bodies
Plenary lecture, conference “The Porous Body in Early Modern Europe,” King’s College London, December 2017

A Tangled Legacy: Biodiversity and Novel Environments
History of Science Society annual meeting, Toronto, November 2017

Animals and Humans in Louis XIV’s Paris
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Binghamton University, SUNY, October      2017

Joseph Banks and the Skull Trade
Northwest Romantic and Eighteenth-Century Studies Symposium, Oregon State, October 2017

The Whiteness of Bones
Society of Fellows in the Humanities, Columbia University, September 2017

Joseph Banks and the Skull Trade
International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology meeting,    São Paulo, Brazil, July 2017

Reflecting on “Experimenting with Humans and Animals”
Research Ethics Grand Rounds, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel   Hill, March 2017

How to Make a Skeleton: The Emergence of the Human Skeleton as a Commodity, 1500-1800  UNC-Duke Bullitt Club for the History of Medicine, March 2017

Reading as Doing: Anatomy Texts as How-To Manuals
History of Science Society annual meeting, Atlanta, November 2016

Animals and Humans in Louis XIV’s Paris
New York Academy of Medicine, September 2016

The Long View: History, Novelty, and Change
Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, August 2016

Severino, Faber e Perrault: storia naturale, anatomia comparata e descrizione degli animali
Conference, “Il contributo di Marco Aurelio Severino (1580-1656) alla storia della medicina, della scienza e della tecnica nella prima età moderna,” University of Calabria (Italy), July 2016

Giants, Fossils, and Mythology in Early Modern France
Plenary lecture, George Rudé Seminar in French History, Sydney, Australia, July 2016

Anatomistes, savants et animaux à la cour du Roi Soleil
Seminar, École normale supérieure, Paris, April 2016

They Might Be Giants: Fossils, Mythology, and National Identity in Early Modern Europe
Center for the Humanities Lecture, OSU, March 2016

Cannibals and Saints: Bones as Medicine in Early Modern Europe
Horning Lecture, OSU, January 2016