Hidden Animals of Paris/Les animaux cachés à Paris

2013-11-28 15.10.15

An occasional blog, beginning with this lion from Versailles.  Lions were a favorite symbol for Louis XIV, and, it turns out, there are lions and other animals to be seen all over Paris.  You just have to look.

Swans along the Seine below the quai d’Orléans

Swans May 2016

Chinese ceramic vessel in the shape of a cat, 1756. Musée Cognacq-Jay

Chinese cat 1756

Chocolate baboon (life-sized) at the chocolatier Patrick Roger on the Boulevard Saint Germain

chocolate baboon.jpg


Marquetry parrot and butterfly on a Louis XIV-era cabinet (ca 1700, Louvre)

Louis XIV parrot

Another lion, at the Jardin du Luxembourg

lion, Jardin de Luxembourg

Horse,  Pont d’Iéna (1814)

horse, Pont d'Iena

Sleeping lion,  Musée Jacquemart-André (built 1875)

sleeping lion, Jacquemart-Andre

Here’s another lion, from the Hotel de Ville (rebuilt 1871-1892)

Lion, Hotel de Ville

Here are some snakes from the Grand Palais (1900):

grand palais


2 thoughts on “Hidden Animals of Paris/Les animaux cachés à Paris

  1. There is a weeping stag above the door of a house in Versailles – majestic lions, sinister snakes, laughing boars! It is amazing how many animals one sees, once one starts noticing.


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